Douai Abbey

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We are a monastery of monks of the English Benedictine Congregation. Under the patronage of Saint Edmund, King and Martyr, we were founded in Paris in 1615. Uprooted by the French Revolution we settled at Douai in Flanders, and finally returned to England in 1903, settling in Woolhampton.

Though our former school has closed Douai monks still serve in parishes throughout England. At the monastery we welcome guests on retreats or courses, as well as those who seek quiet. There are facilities for conferences, and for youth and chaplaincy groups. Our library and archive houses a rich resource for study and research, and can be used on application. Throughout the year we host a number of concerts.

However, the primary work of the monks is the regular celebration of the liturgy which is open to the public. While this website explains our life, history and vocation in greater depth, you are always welcome to come and see.

ALTHOUGH THE LIFE of a monk ought always to a Lenten character, yet few have strength enough for this; thus we exhort all the brethren during these days of Lent to lead lives of the greatest purity, and to atone during this holy season for all the negligences of other times.

Rule of St Benedict, ch 49
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