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» Fr Peter

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» Yesterday Fr Peter, the parish priest of Woolhampton, went under the surgeon's knife for a hip replacement. Last night we had that the surgery had gone well and that he had been moved to the recovery ward. All going well he will be back here at Douai in a few days to recuperate in the infirmary, a process which will take some weeks. During this period the parish will be in the care of Fr Benjamin, with some of the Sunday Masses to be taken by various other monks. Please keep Fr Peter and his recovery in your prayers.

» As of the end of last week the Abbot President took up residence at Douai. It will be a base more than ahome in some respects since the nature of the job requires Abbot Christopher to be visiting our various monasteries, Rome and other places regularly and often. We hope to make it as homey as possible for him nevertheless.

» Last Saturday Fr Abbot was part of a day-long workshop in Oxford on the subject of the Reformation and Orthodoxy, with Bishop Kallistos Ware offering an Orthodox perspective.

» Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday and tus, of course, the beginning of Lent. There will be Mass in the abbey chruch at the usual time of 0745 at which ashes will be imposed.

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