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» Matters presidential et al

Douai Abbey
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» On Monday just passed the Abbot President and his Regimen (council) met here at Douai. With the Abbot President moving his curia to Douai it is likely that most regimen meetings in the foreseeable future will be held here. In the meantime works proceeds on refurbishing our old TV room and paperback library into the curial office.

» On Tuesday Fr Peter represented the community at the funeral in Weston-super-Mare of Janet Simpson, the sister-in-law of of our late Fr Romuald. May she rest in peace.

» Also on Tuesday Fr Alban travelled to Buckfast to give a talk to the community there, the first of four talks. He returned yesterday, on which day Fr Abbot travelled to Staffordshire for a meeting of the Oulton Abbey Trust.

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