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» After a week which saw three separate English Benedictine Congregation meetings held in quick succession at Douai, things have settled back to a more normal pitch. We were fortunate to have all the novice masters and mistresses here to celebrate both All Saints and All Souls, the latter with its blessing of the community graves. The Abbot President Christopher Jamison visited for two of the meetings.

» Our recent monastic experience weekend went well, and we are still awaiting a better idea of what fruit it may have borne. We hope next year to run an "alongsider programme" at Douai, and some of the monastic experience weekenders have expressed interest in this. More food for prayer.

» One of our ancillary staff, Graham, turned 50 last Friday, and the community threw a small surprise party for him. He has been with us for 3 decades already, and is trusted as if he were a member of the monastic community. Ad multos annos!

» Yesterday Fr Hugh sang Mass at Wardour Castle, which is an important part of English recusant heritage and its chapel is actively used for Catholic worship to this day.

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