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» New Abbot President

Douai Abbey
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» This morning the General Chapter of the EBC gathered at Worth Abbey elected Abbot Christopher Jamison, abbot emeritus of Worth and currently director of the UK National Office of Vocation, as the new Abbot President of the EBC. He replaces Abbot Richard Yeo, who has served as president for 16 years. Ad multos annos!  Abbot Geoffrey has been re-elected as First Assistant to the President, and Abbot Edmund has been re-elected Procurator in Curia, although his title is to change to Procurator General. The General Chapter will conclude this quadrennial session today.

» As the monastery prepares for its summer recess in August, it is a good time to be getting overdue repairs done. Near our refectory some subsidence in the paving stones has required them to be dug up and a new foundation laid for them. In the abbey church, a roof leak in the sanctuary is to be repaired this week. The leaks in the nave await another day. This coming Friday the monastery will be connected to nigh-speed fibre broadband.

» Last week a lime tree near the guest carpark had to be chopped down after it was found to be near death and in danger of toppling onto the library roof in high winds. The main trunk was largely hollow. Fr Bernard took the opportunity to step in and see for himself.

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