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» Monks' moves

Douai Abbey
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» Yesterday Fr Abbot, assisted by Fr Gabriel, was at St Mary's Schools, Ascot, to administer Confirmation on a number of the girls there, followed by lunch. At the same time Fr Gervase was in Wash Common leading the third of his workshops for extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist.

» On Friday Abbot Thomas of St Louis Abbey flew in via Chicago, accompanied by one of his brethren, Fr Dominic. Yesterday another monk of St Louis, Fr Cuthbert, arrived via Dallas. Fr Cuthbert is the St Louis delegate to the EBC General Chapter, which meets in July at Worth Abbey. This coming week there will be a few days of orientation meetings at Douai for the delegates of all our monasteries in preparation for the General Chapter. Choir will be a lot fuller and louder for a few days.

» In the middle of the past week Fr Benjamin travelled to Yorkshire to assist in the burial of Lady Sonia Fairfax's ashes; her funeral was held in the abbey church a couple of weeks ago.

» Fr Oliver is today at home helping his mother re-adjust after her release from hospital, where she had been treated after a stroke. She has made a good recovery, thanks be to God.

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