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» After some strange problems on the website we have changed the hosting for both website and email. The process is complicated by our using a filtering security service which adds a layer between us and the internet. It seems now to be complete and the website and email are working properly. This is an improvement for both these services, especially for our email which has now been moved off our ancient onsite server.

» Over the past weekend Douai hosted the national retreat for Benedictine oblates. It proved a busy weekend here as we also hosted the Wokingham Catenians and a confirmation group from Kensal Newtown.

» On Tuesday this week Fr Abbot visited Culham Court near Henley to see the extraordinary private chapel there, and its fine architectural and liturgical features.

» Yesterday Fr Oliver visited his mother to celebrate her 91st birthday. That evening the body of Leopold Antelme was received at the abbey church ready for the funeral Mass today at 11am. Also last night Fr Hugh celebrated a Missa cantata for the Order of Malta at St James', Spanish Place in London. The Knights of the Order will be at Douai this coming weekend on retreat.

» The latest issue of The Douai Magazine is now available from the back of the abbey church or from the monastery's reception area. Copies for subscribers will be posted next week.

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