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The English Benedictines

Douai Abbey is part of the English Benedictine Congregation (EBC). This congregation originates in 1215, making it the oldest of the twenty-one congregations that together form the Benedictine Confederation, which equates to what is loosely termed the Order of St Benedict. After the suppression of the monasteries in England under Henry VIII, English monks pursued their vocation on the Continent, mainly in Spain, Italy and France. In 1607 this ad hoc arrangement was remedied with the refoundation of the previous English Congregation.

At present there are 13 independent monasteries in the Congregation, ten of monks and three of nuns. In total there are about 274 monks and 35 nuns. Below is a list of these monasteries with links to their websites, should you wish to discover more of the English Benedictine family.

Downside Abbey ~ Monks, founded in 1607.

Ampleforth Abbey ~ Monks, founded in 1608.

Stanbrook Abbey ~ Nuns, founded in 1625.

Colwich Abbey ~ Nuns, founded in 1651.

Belmont Abbey ~ Monks, founded in 1859.

Curzon Park Abbey ~ Nuns, founded in 1868.

Buckfast Abbey ~ Monks, founded in 1882.

Ealing Abbey ~ Monks, founded in 1897.

Portsmouth Abbey (USA) ~ Monks, founded in 1918.

Washington Abbey (USA) ~ Monks, founded in 1923.

Worth Abbey ~ Monks, founded in 1933.

St Louis Abbey (USA) ~ Monks, founded in 1955.

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