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Douai Abbey: The Monastery of St Edmund, King & Martyr
22 August 2021
» On the Solemnity of the Assumption, 15 August, Fr Boniface drove down from Ormskirk to spend a few weeks at the monastery.
» The Discernment Year Committee held two meetings with Fr David Smolira SJ, the facilitator of the discernment process.
» Richard Ingrams, the journalist and an abbey parishioner, kindly presented the library with his forthcoming book, The Sins of G. K. Chesterton, for which he made use of the Douai archives.
» Greg Primavesi and Fr Oliver erected a display cabinet to hold an exhibition of items on Archbishop Benedict Scarisbrick OSB (1908), bishop of Port-Louis in Mauritius and a monk of our community. The exhibition was prepared by the abbot and Br Aidan, and was planned after the restoration of the archbishop’s crozier had been completed in Scarisbrick.
» Two monks from Downside visited Douai as part of that community's discernment process..
» Members of the lay community of St Benedict were guests at Douai throughout the week and heard a number of talks from various of the Douai brethren.

- All services are in the abbey church -
0620 - Matins & Lauds (English)
0745 - Weekday Conventual Mass
[1100 - Sunday Conventual Mass]
1250 - Midday Office (English)
1800 - Vespers (Latin, Gregorian Chanrt)
2000 - Compline (English)
*No public Compline on Sundays/Holy Days
Douai Abbey
Upper Woolhampton
Reading, Berkshire
RG7 5TQ, United Kingdom

Visitor Enquiries: 0118 9715 399

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Books, exhibits & people
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