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Our Monks

Who we are
The monastic community of Douai Abbey currently numbers 21 monks, though not all of them are resident in the monastery. Some monks live in the parishes we serve, while others serve the Church in other roles. Below you can see the members of the community and some, but not all, of what we do.

Right Rev. Geoffrey Scott has been abbot since 1998. He also acts as librarian and archivist and teaches Church history at Blackfriars Hall, Oxford. Currently he is also president of the Catholic Archives Society.
Very Rev. Alban Hood is prior of the monastery as well as novice master, choirmaster, and co-editor of The Douai Magazine.
Right Rev. Finbar Kealy is Cathedral Prior of Canterbury and is semi-retired at the monastery.
Right Rev. Edmund Power resides in Rome, where he is Procurator General for the English Benedictine Congregation and director of priestly formation at Collegio Sant'Anselmo.
Fr. Gervase Holdaway is subprior of the monastery, director of oblates, retreat giver, baker and manager of our bookshop.
Very Rev. Godric Timney is Cathedral Prior of Worcester, and resides in our parish of Ormskirk (Lancs) where he is parish priest, as also of Scarisbrick. He acts as Vicar for Religious in Liverpool archdiocese.
Fr. Boniface Moran resides in our parish of Ormskirk, serving as assistant priest for both Ormskirk and Scarisbrick.
Fr. Peter Bowe is parish priest of Woolhampton and sits on the abbot’s council.
Fr. Austin Gurr is parish priest of Andover (Hants).
Fr. Oliver Holt is bursar, guestmaster and organiser of concerts in the abbey church. He also sits on the abbot’s council at Douai.
Fr. Alexander Austin is parish priest of historic Stratford-upon-Avon (Warks).
Fr. Francis Hughes resides in Kemerton (Gloucs) where he is parish priest, and sits on the Marriage Tribunal for Clifton diocese.
Fr. Richard Jones is parish priest of St Davids and Fishguard (Pemb), and is editor of the Ordo for the English Benedictine Congregation.
Fr. Paul Gunter is the parish priest of Alcester (Warks). He serves as secretary for the Department of Christian Life & Worship of the Conference of Bishops of England & Wales.
Fr. Benedict Thompson resides in Warwickshire, serving as parish priest of Studley.
Fr. Benjamin Standish is assistant priest of Woolhampton parish. He is a member of the monastery guest team and has overall charge of our gardens.
Br. Christopher Greener, a deacon, is monastic Infirmarian and assists from time to time in our pastoral programme.
Br. Simon Hill, a deacon, is assistant to the bursar, properties manager, and looks after our cars.
Fr. Hugh Somerville Knapman is at our parish of Scarisbrick, pursuing doctoral research while serving on the abbot’s council and as webmaster and publisher.
Fr. Gabriel Wilson is pastoral programme director, vocation director, keeper of bees and poultry and helps in the monastic garden.
Br. Aidan Messenger is in his second year of novitiate formation.

- All services are in the abbey church -
0620 - Matins & Lauds (English)
0745 - Weekday Conventual Mass
[1100 - Sunday Conventual Mass]
1250 - Midday Office (English)
1800 - Vespers (Latin, Gregorian Chanrt)
2000 - Compline (English)
*No public Compline on Sundays/Holy Days
Douai Abbey
Upper Woolhampton
Reading, Berkshire
RG7 5TQ, United Kingdom

Visitor Enquiries: 0118 9715 399

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