Prayer List - Douai Abbey: The Monastery of St Edmund, King & Martyr

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Prayer List

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Those in Need of Grace
Ryan M
Tom Ryan
Terence Reardon
Sean Philips
Matthew Bennett
Malcolm Clarke
Chas Pounsett
Archbishop Patrick Kelly
Barbara Stocker  Oblate
Michael James
Mark James
Susan Rooker
Jill Mantle
John Mantle  Old Dowegian
Chris Blackburn
David Hammond
Paddy Mott
James Batt
Janie Hegley
Paddy M
Fr Mark Butlin OSB
Fr Gordon Beattie OSB
Richard Molyneux
Hugh Bishop-Cornet
The people of Ukraine
Anna Power
Ann Langley
Bradley Smee
Eva Molyneux
Sue Carver
The Dead
Fr Geoffrey Chase OSB  Portsmouth Abbey
Brenda Tinsley
Dave Tinsley
John Brown
Joan Fawson
Michael Petronelli  Old Dowegian
Peter Griffiths Old Dowegian
Don McGair
James Denis Moran
Kathleen More
Michael Boakes
Joe Cuscito
Denis Reardon
Mary Foster
Fr Anselm Barry OSB  Glenstal
Peter Eckes
Robert Watson  Old Dowegian
Michael Ingham  Old Dowegian
John Shaw  Douai School staff
Jane Ball
Sally Lynch
Buishop Christopher Budd
Judith Blandy
Austin Kirwan
Christopher Tromp
Alfie L
Fr Vin McShane
Bishop David McGough
Richard Shipley
Helena Sarnowska
John Barley  Old Dowegian
Christopher Parr Ferris  Old Dowegian
John Devereux Nolan Old Dowegian
Maureen Gibbons
Fr Jim Keenan
Fr James Carling
Fr Anselm Hurt OSB  Glenstal
Imelda Garrett
Rosi Richardson
Judith Blandy
Sylvia Parkes  Oblate
George Grimes
Joseph Pope
John Slater
George Benbow
Philip Molyneux
Joan Forshaw
George, Cardinal Pell
Pope Benedict XVI

If you have someone you would like us to pray for, please contact the Webmaster.

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- All services are in the abbey church -
0620 - Matins & Lauds (English)
0745 - Weekday Conventual Mass
[1030 - Sunday Conventual Mass]
1250 - Midday Office (English)
1800 - Vespers (Latin, Gregorian Chanrt)
2000 - Compline (English)
*No public Compline on Sundays/Holy Days
Douai Abbey
Upper Woolhampton
Reading, Berkshire
RG7 5TQ, United Kingdom

Visitor Enquiries: 0118 9715 399

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